9th Day Program // 29.8.20

26th Kalamata International Dance Festival

Program of the Day // 29.8.20



29.8.2020 | 19:30 | 40'
Venue to be announced

Pli brings together 22 conference chairs, obsessive rhythm, and one devoted man. On a small platform, Viktor Černický dives resolutely into the struggle for indefinite construction, reconstruction and deconstruction of the universe. The result is an intelligent and playful solo, a physical metaphor for endless human dynamics, patience, and striving that turns even the most ordinary objects into incredible pieces of architecture. Inspired by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, the iconic Baroque philosopher, and Gilles Deleuze’s stirring The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque, Pli is an unpredictable and humorous performance that twists our imagination and takes our breath away. Černický likens Leibniz’s thought to a magical performance without magic tricks, in which the philosopher brings together the seemingly impossible, approaching the complexity and refinement of this world with very simple principles, which he multiplies and folds in every possible way. Creation thus appears as a sophisticated piece of architecture, extremely rich in details, highly elaborate in style, robustly shaped, hard to believe, and yet simple, modest, and absolutely true. Following Leibniz’s approach, Pli replaces baroque robustness with spatial modesty and material minimalism, yet is neither narrow in form nor straightforward in expression.


Concept/choreography/performance: Viktor Černický
Lighting design: Zuzana Režná
Dramaturgy: Lukáš Karásek
Technical realisation: Drahomír Stulír
Co-production: Tanec Praha/PONEC – dance venue
In collaboration with: BuranTeatr Brno, CNK Záhrada Banská Bystrica, Théâtre de L’Arsenal Val-de-Reuil, CIRQUEON Praha, Alfréd ve dvoře Theatre, Studio Alta and Festival Bazaar, Pôtoň Theatre, Festival Kiosk, CSC – Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa
With the financial support of: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, City of Brno



Viktor Černický creates works that straddle the fine line between dance, performance, circus, and physical theater. He heads the long-term research project The Body as Object/The Object as Body, which looks at the dynamics of relationships between the object and the performer’s subjective individuality. His first solo performance Parolapolea earned him nominations in the categories of Dancer of the Year and Dance Performance of the Year at the 2017 Czech Dance Platform, and was presented with a special award in the form of participation in the Choreographic Research Week at the B-Motion Festival in Bassano del Grappa. Presented in November 2018, his latest solo piece Pli received the Audience Award and Total Award of the Czech Dance Platform 2019. With this performance, Černický has become a part of the Aerowaves Twenty20 selection. He has also collaborated and performed with Jaro Viňarský, Dominique Boivin, Daniel Gulko, and Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté, among others. He is currently working on a new piece Prima (working title), which will engage the public instead of professional performers.


29 & 30.8.2020 | 22:00 | 94'
Kalamata Castle Amphitheatre

In Diptych, Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier reimagine two short pieces created with the Nederlands Dans Theater 1: The Missing Door (directed by Gabriela Carrizo) and The Lost Room (directed by Franck Chartier). Living between reality and imagination, several characters battle with time, space, and memory, led by natural forces towards an uncertain destiny. They all seek an ideal, follow a dream, have hope but end up lost, wandering through a mysterious and macabre labyrinth from which they cannot escape. In The Missing Door, a dying man anxiously searches for a way through the intricate maze of his thoughts. In The Lost Room we find ourselves on a ship at sea where freedom and entrapment go hand in hand, as the characters seemingly exist in every time and every place. Carrizo and Chartier create a disturbing, dark, and claustrophobic world, while putting a unique and extreme language of movement and performance at the centre of their pieces.


Concept & direction: Gabriela Carrizo & Franck Chartier
Performers: Konan Dayot, Fons Dhossche, Lauren Langlois, Panos Malactos, Alejandro Moya, Fanny Sage, Eliana Stragapede, Wan-Lun Yu
Artistic assistance: Thomas Michaux
Sound design & arrangements: Raphaëlle Latini, Ismaël Colombani, Annalena Fröhlich, Louis-Clément Da Costa
Lighting design: Tom Visser
Set design: Gabriela Carrizo & Justine Bougerol
Costume design: Gabriela Carrizo, Franck Chartier, Yichun Liu, Louis-Clément Da Costa
Technical production manager: Pjotr Eijckenboom
Tour manager: Thomas Michaux
Production manager: An Van Der Donckt
Communication manager: Sébastien Parizel
Company manager: Veerle Mans
Production: Peeping Tom
Co-production: Opéra national de Paris, Opéra de Lille, Tanz Köln, Göteborg Dance & Theatre Festival, Théâtre national Wallonie-Bruxelles, deSingel Antwerpen, GREC Festival de Barcelona, Festival Aperto/Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia, Torinodanza Festival/Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale
With the support of: the Flemish authorities, the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government
Distribution: Frans Brood Productions



Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier founded Peeping Tom in 2000. Together they created their first project Caravana (1999), with would-be long-time collaborator Eurudike De Beul, followed by the film Une vie inutile (2000). The company’s hallmark is a hyperrealistic aesthetic anchored to a concrete set: a garden, a living room, and a basement in its first trilogy (Le Jardin, 2002; Le Salon, 2004; and Le Sous Sol, 2007), two trailer homes in a snow-covered landscape in 32 rue Vandenbranden (2009), or a burned theatre in À Louer (2011). The huis clos of family situations inspired their second trilogy titled Vader (Father), Moeder (Mother), and Kind (Child). Peeping Tom’s artistic directors have also collaborated with other groups, including the Nederlands Dans Theater (The Missing Door, 2013; The Lost Room, 2015; The Hidden Floor, 2017), the Opera of Göteborg (33 rue Vandenbranden, 2013), and the Residenztheater in Munich (The Land, 2015). In 2007, the company received the Mont Blanc Young Directors Award during the Salzburg Festival and the Patrons Circle Award at the Melbourne International Arts Festival. Le Salon was awarded the Prix du Meilleur Spectacle de Danse (Best Dance Show Prize) in France in 2005, Vader the Premio de la Crítica Barcelona (Best International Dance Production) in 2014, and 32 rue Vandenbranden the prestigious Olivier Award (Best New Dance Production) in 2015.




29.8.2020 | 21:00
Kalamata Main Square 



The body tends to express itself through impulsive, raw movement. Based on this idea, Dimitra Eleftheria Mertzani proposes a dance study on spontaneity and a collage of such moments.

Dimitra Eleftheria Mertzani was born in the city of Kalamata and graduated with honors from the National School of Dance in Athens, Greece. She has been working as a professional dancer for the past six years and has collaborated with many choreographers, including Christos Papadopoulos, Ermira Goro, Hannes Langolf, Tzeni Argyriou, Kat Valastur, Patricia Apergi, Andonis Foniadakis, and Anton Lachky, in performances in Greece and abroad. She also works as an instructor in non-professional dance schools in Athens and enjoys exploring improvisation.


29.8.2020  | 21:00
Kalamata Main Square


With Inner Globe, Maria Manoukian introduces us to an imaginary circular world of dynamic security and aims to approach its inner core. The circle functions as a feedback system. Inside the circle, thoughts and movements find their way, drawn to different directions and senses. At the centre lies a sphere, the inner core. How does one approach this source of matter? Can small movements and pauses lead to the centre or does one need to do more?

Maria Manoukian graduated from the National School of Dance in Athens in 2013 and pursued postgraduate studies at the Mateh Asher School of Performing Arts in Israel, where she trained in the Gaga technique. In Israel she worked as a performer for Slomi Bitton, Noa Zuk, Anat Grigorio, and Martin Harriague. As a member of the Hellenic Dance Company, she has performed pieces by Jasmin Vardimon and Tono Lachky at the Athens Concert Hall. She has also collaborated with the dance theatre Lydia Lithos in the piece Twisted Genders and with Russel Maliphant for the production The Thread. She is currently part of the Anton Lachky Company for their new production Ludum.



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