Program Main Stage

24.7 | 22:00 | 65΄

Kalamata Castle Amphitheatre



Find out here about the guidelines regarding spectators’ attendance at the performances of the 27th International Dance Festival of Kalamata, in the context of the protection measures against Covid-19.


About the performance

For their latest work, Stones and Bones, RootlessRoot collaborated with English sculptor Peter Randall-Page and created a performance about the temporality of human existence. White marble, a quasi-metaphysical material, the foundation of European civilization, lies at the centre of the performance, even though its place is in the hearth of majestic mountains and outside of theater conventions.

In Stones and Bones, four female performers dance to the original score by Vassilis Mantzoukis and create a poem about the fragile nature of human existence and the need to leave our mark in the world.

  • Artistic Directors & Choreographers: RootlessRoot – Linda Kapetanea, Jozef Fruček
  • Performed by: Linda Kapetanea, Elena Topalidou, Iro Konti, Dimitra Mertzani
  • Music Composition: Vassilis Mantzoukis
  • Songs performed by: Martha Fritzila
  • Sound design, mixing & mastering: Christos Parapagidis
  • Musicians performing in recording: Vassilis Mantzoukis, Kostas Nikolopoulos, Nikos Papaioannou, Panagiotis Manouilidis
  • Set Design & Visual Contributors: Thomas Randall Page, Peter Randall Page
  • Set Supervision: Paris Mexis
  • Light Design: Periklis Mathielis
  • Costume Design: Isabelle Lhoas
  • Texts: Jozef Fruček
  • Texts Editing: Ioanna Nasiopoulou
  • Photography: Alexandros Papathanasopoulos
  • Additional Song “HOW SHOULD I YOUR TRUE LOVE KNOW” Lyrics: The first of Shakespeare’s Ophelia’s “Mad Songs”, Hamlet, Act IV Scene 5. Traditional Music of unknown author
  • Production Management & Touring: Cultόpια
  • Supported by Iktinos Marmaron
  • Stones & Bones tour is supported by ONASSIS STEGI – “Outward Turn” Cultural export program and funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports for its european tour production co-ordination
  • Produced by: ONASSIS STEGI

RootlessRoot were founded by Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Fruček in Athens in 2006. Τhey have created 27 performances (solos, moving installations, medium and large-scale performances), which they have presented in more than 24 countries and in various theatres and festivals. They have collaborated with Akram Khan for his solo DESH, with the Staadsteater Kassel Dance Company, DOT504, the Helsinki Dance Company, and companies and creators. In Greece, they have collaborated with the Onassis Stegi, the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, and the Greek National Opera Ballet. They are widely known for the Fighting Money Practice, which focuses on human motion/development and healthy ageing and which they teach worldwide.