Program Black Box

24.7 | 19:30 | 45’

Kalamata Dance Megaron / Black Box



About the performance

In Scarbo, the dancer Manon Parent reveals herself to the audience, in a fluid, organic, and immediate way, without filter or judgment.

Letting ourselves be seen in all our states (whether physical emotional), a freedom rarely taken, is the core of Scarbo; it is the sharing of intimacy.

A personal history is unveiled through dance. Scarbo thus questions the place of traditional narration in contemporary dance, offering a version that is at once highly abstract and completely concrete, with the performer always at the centre.

The deeply cinematic solo is accompanied in part by works by Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy. The rhythmic dialogue of colors and textures that takes place between music and dance creates a natural continuity, an art film presented live.

  • Concept: Ioannis Mandafounis
  • Choreography: Ioannis Mandafounis, in collaboration with Manon Parent
  • Dance: Manon Parent
  • Lighting design: David Kretonic
  • Production management: Mélanie Fréguin
  • Production assistant: Marie-Charlotte Guillot
  • Production: Cie Ioannis Mandafounis
  • Co-production: Pavillon-ADC (Ch), Théâtre Le Colombier (Fr)
  • Supported by: City of Geneva, State of Geneva, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Loterie Romande, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Ernst Göhner Foundation, ADC Studios

In 2009, Ioannis Mandafounis started the Cie Project 11. That later became Cie Ioannis Mandafounis. In 2021 the company was renamed ++ 1 I Ioannis Mandafounis.

Since then, the company has developed in two very distinct axes: The first revolves around the choreographer’s creations. The work of Ioannis Mandafounis generally arises from encounters with artists with whom he wishes to collaborate. Thus he created Pausing (2012), Eifo Efi (2013), Twisted Pair (2013) with Nikos Dragonas, Olivia Ortega and Katerina Skiada, Apersona (2014), One One One (2015), Soli (2015), Ossip Mandelstam: A Performance (2016), NU (2017), Sing the Positions (2017), Make sure you have exhausted all that is communicated through stillness and silence (2017), It finishes when it finishes (2018), Faded (2019), Cassandra Footprints (2020), Scarbo (2021), Bis.N.S (as usual) at the Opéra de Lyon (2021), and Consen:us (2022).

The choreographer also responds to commissions from international theaters and companies, such as the Ballet Junior de Genève, the Theater Junge Generation in Dresden, the Manufacture in Lausanne, the National Theater of Greece, the Grand Théâtre de Genève, the Opéra de Lyon, the Greek National Opera, the Norrdans Company, the Greek National School of Dance, the CNSMDL in Lyon, and others.

The second axis of the company revolves around the creation of mediation projects, making dance and art in general accessible to as many people as possible. Within that framework, the company has created Context Without Content (2012), Asingeline (2011), Garden State (2014), B-Cut (2017), and Danse(in) (2020).

Since 2018, the company has had the honor of being supported by the City of Geneva, the State of Geneva and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.