KDF professionals

14.07-16.07 (9 hours)

Kalamata Municipal Stadium

Jozef Fruček & Linda Kapetanea


About the workshop

The fundamentals for duet dance choreography. Principles for improvisation and for structured performances. This is a special Fighting Monkey Practice workshop from the RootlessRoot company (Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Fruček) not to be missed. Linda and Jozef are known for the unorthodox games they use to wake the body and expose it to real life conditions. In this way they motivate the neuromuscular system, memory and visuospatial abilities as well as coordination and elasticity of the joints. The workshop aims at enhancing communication between different systems of the body, between the body and its environment and, most crucially, between two bodies.

Workshop participants will have the chance to get familiar with the essentials of a couple’s invisible communication and coordination for endless variations and dynamic creations of natural flow and movement that is born out of Necessity.



  • Participation Fee (4 workshops & 1 dance battle): €390.00.
  • Registration and information: workshops@kalamatadancefestival.gr
  • Registration is completed only upon payment of the participation fee. 
  • Refunds are not accepted. 
  • Registrations are accepted until all available spots are filled .
  • Workshop participants are eligible for a special discount for all festival performances at the 29th KDF.
About Jozef Fruček & Linda Kapetanea

Jozef Fruček has a background in professional sports, martial arts, and theatre, and has dedicated his professional life to the research of movement which promotes personal development along with healthy ageing. He studied at the Academy of Music and Drama Arts in Bratislava and later received a PhD on Voice and Movement. He has explored the aspects of effective communication, voice, and breathing for public speaking, performing arts, and psycho-hygiene. In 2006, together with Linda Kapetanea, he founded the RootlessRoot company and started implementing their research, Fighting Monkey Practice, which reflects their unique approach to human movement based on cross-motion analysis. He teaches and gives lectures at universities and various athletic and arts centres across Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia.

Linda Kapetanea, Artistic Director of the Kalamata Dance Festival, is a dancer, choreographer, and contemporary dance teacher, who has performed and taught worldwide. She graduated from the Greek National School of Dance and continued her training as a postgraduate student in New York, with a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation. In 2002, she was awarded best performance from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. In 2002-6, she collaborated with the Ultima Vez dance company and Wim Vandekeybus on the performances Blush, Sonic Boom, and Puur and the films Blush and Here After. In 2006-12, she taught at the Greek National School of Dance. In 2006, Kapetanea and Jozef Fruček founded the RootlessRoot dance company as a vehicle for their own artistic productions and research on human movement. They have since presented 21 works in more than 30 countries (in Europe, Asia, and North America) to international acclaim. Together with Fruček, Kapetanea developed the Fighting Μonkey Practice, which they teach in prestigious educational institutions in Greece and abroad.