Program Dance in the city

19.07 | 21:00

Kalamata Main Square



About the performance

Two looks at how complex interpersonal relationships form and develop amidst the density of life, in an endless chaos. How do we deepen and grow lasting bonds in the face of opacity, interchangeability and the fast pace of daily communication? What existential dilemmas, instincts, and fears shape the contours of our relationships? Through dance and physicality, we are able to use our senses in order to connect with ourselves and our surroundings. Drawing upon this embodied wisdom, the dancers employ movement as a tool that surpasses the boundaries of language, using it to communicate, question, and challenge one another, fostering transformation and perpetual creation. In this ever-changing landscape, they intertwine, drawing close and pulling apart, colliding, yet remaining tethered to each other. Two unfolds in two distinct parts.


Admission to all Kalamata Main Square performances and side events is free for all.


The presentation of the performance at the 29th Kalamata Dance Festival is supported by the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ International Guest Performance Fund for Dance, which is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


  • Choreography: Sita Ostheimer
  • Performers: First part: Sita Ostheimer, Attila Rónai, Elena Martello / Second part: Sita Ostheimer, Attila Rónai
  • Music: First part: Yehezkel Raz / Second part: Sita Ostheimer


Sita Ostheimer is a Berlin-based choreographer. In 2017 she founded the Sita Ostheimer Company, a project-based platform that brings together artists from dance, music composition as well as lighting design. Familiar with the movement language of choreographers such as Hofesh Shechter, Itzik Galili and Krisztina de Châtel, with whom she worked for many years, Ostheimer’s focus today is on developing and deepening her own movement aesthetics, philosophy and choreographic poetry. Since 2017, she has worked on numerous in-house productions with her company, as well as commissioned works, e.g. for the Staatstheater Kassel, Hessische Staatsballett Wiesbaden, Stadttheater Pforzheim, Volkstheater Rostock, the Verve Postgraduate Company — Northern School of Contemporary Dance Leeds, the Bodhi Project Postgraduate Company – Sead Experimental Academy of Dance Salzburg, and Universities such as the Folkwang University Essen, HfMT Köln, and the Linz Αnton Bruckner Private University. Her work has been presented in the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Israel, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Italy, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa and Switzerland.



Attila Rónai has worked with numerous Hungarian dance companies: Inversedance-Fodor Zoltán, the Gangaray Dance Company, the PR-Evolution Dance Company, the Central-European Dance Theatre and the Eva Duda Dance Company, to name a few. In 2013 he joined kwaad bloed / Ugo Dehaes in Belgium for the creation of Grafted. During the same year Attila was offered a year long apprenticeship with the Hofesh Shechter Company, which led to him spending 7 years as a full company member. Besides dancing with the company he also led several international workshops and classes which he continues to do today. He also assisted Hofesh Shecter with his creation for the Göteborg Operans Danskompani.
In 2019, Attila created his own choreographic work for Nuova Officina della Danza in Torino. Since 2021 he has welcomed a new chapter in his life as a freelancer in collaborations with HODWORKS / Adrienn Hód and the Lyon Opera House. He is currently creating a new performance for the Eva Duda Dance Company in Budapest and he joined the Sita Ostheimer Company in 2022, appearing in her latest works, The Inevitable and You and the remake of TWO.



Elena Martello is a freelance dancer and performer, born in Rome, Italy. After graduating from the TAF Formazione Bartolomei in Rome, she continued her professional career in Italy and abroad, studying the work of various choreographers including Hofesh Shechter, Michele Rizzo, Daniele Albanese, and Marco Torrice. At the same time, she completed her university studies, graduating from the University of RomaTre with a degree in Architectural Sciences. Since 2016 Elena has been performing in MONARCH: ANTIGONE for the Mattia de Virgiliis Company. She has since collaborated with the E.Sperimenti Dance Company as a dancer. In 2022 she joined the Sita Ostheimer Company, performing in the work The Inevitable and You.