Program Dance in the city

16.7 | 21:00

Kalamata Main Square



About the performance

Denti is the Italian word for teeth.

In many ancient cultures, the loss of teeth is connected to the loss of a loved one, to feelings of jealousy, and to the need to leave one’s home country.

Denti is a journey through physical sensations and sense memory, a struggle between the impossibility of leaving and the wish to forget. It is about the impossibility of letting go, the feeling of being trapped, the illusion of homecoming, the sensation of falling, the desire to receive attention, and the need to hide ourselves.

The piece has been made in the wake of experiencing loss, loneliness and desire.

I looked at how the body gathers sensations in order to then spread them out again, at how memory stores wishes and forgets nightmares.

I found a character lost in his own memories, much too sensitive to stay on his feet and yet much too impulsive to not stand up again. A man who is incapable of resisting transformation, yet like a tooth possesses a solid foundation underneath.

I’ve filtered all this through my own physical vocabulary, translating all the sensations that I’ve experienced into movement; allowing my dance to guide and heal itself in the process.


Denti is what remains;
it is the voice that we can still hear.
It is our wish to hang on to what is gone, to hunt, to bite, to growl. 

Denti is a Tragicomedy.


Winner of the 2009 “MasDanza” audience award at the Las Palmas Gran Canaria.

Winner of the 2011 Factory Dance Competition first prize in Fabbrica, Europe.

Winner of the 2012 Baltic Dance Competition first prize in Gdańsk, Poland.


The performance DENTI by Piergiorgio Milano is presented at the 28th Kalamata Dance Festival with the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International.


Short dance solo, “a struggle hidden in between the folds of a jacket”

  • Choreography: Piergiorgio Milano
  • Performed by: Piergiorgio Milano
  • Artistic advisers: Brune Campos, Claudio Stellato
  • Music: “Mi par d’udir ancora” composed by Georges Bizet, performed by Enrico Caruso, “Il valzer di un giorno” composed and performed by Gianmaria Testa
  • Many thanks to: Fre Werbrouck, Natalia Medina, Dancentrum Jette, La Raffinerie Bruxelles

Piergiorgio Milano began his career in 2002 studying at the FLIC Circus School of Turin. Then, in 2004, he moved to Toulouse where he studied at the Le Lido National Center for Circus Arts. This period was crucial in his development, and during those years he clearly affirmed his interest and vocation towards contemporary dance. He then decided to move to Amsterdam where, in 2006, he studied at the SNDO School for New Dance Development. During that time he also became cofounder of the 320chili collective, one of the first Italian contemporary circus groups. After that he moved to Brussels, which became his base starting in 2008. From there, he travelled world wide as a performer for many international choreographers. Since 2015, he has mainly focused on creating and touring his own work.