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16-25.7 | 10:00-13:00 & 19:00-20:30

Kalamata Dance Megaron



About the exhibition

The Kalamata Dance Festival holds a digital exhibition of children’s art entitled Everyday Heroes in collaboration with the Museum of Cycladic Art at the Kalamata Dance Hall on 16-25 July, 2021.

This digital exhibition showcases the works of all of the children from Messenia who participated in the eighth Museum of Cycladic Art’s children’s art contest, entitled Everyday Heroes

The Kalamata Dance Festival collaborates again this year with the Museum of Cycladic Art. On the occasion of the Museum’s Antiquarianism and Philhellenism. The Thanassis and Marina Martinou Collection exhibition, children aged 4-15 years (preschoolers, school students, and special school students) depicted their own everyday hero!

Through paintings, sculptures, and other art objects featured on the Museum’s website, children learned about heroes of the past whom they associated with heroes of today. Who are their everyday heroes? What makes them special? How do they come to life on paper?

Our young artists heroes’s will be displayed on screens in the Kalamata Dance Megaron foyer throughout the Festival.

Kalamata is the big winner in this year’s Museum of Cycladic Art children’s art contest, as two winners and three honourable mentions, from a total of 6000 participants, come from our city!
The two winners from Kalamata are:
  • 1st prize: Eleftheria Haikou – 6th form (primary school) / 10th Primary School of Kalamata
  • 2nd prize: Georgios Diles – 2nd form (primary school) / Primary School of Paralia Vergas
Kalamata’s three honourable mentions are:
  • Christos Risvanis – E.E.E.E.K. / Special Vocational Education and Training Institute of Kalamata
  • Eleni Michalopoulou – E.E.E.E.K. / Special Vocational Education and Training Institute of Kalamata
  • Panagiotis-Konstantinos Giannakopoulos – 18th Kindergarden of Kalamata

Congratulations to the five finalists and to all of the children from Messenia who participated!

Free admission on a first-come-first-served basis, for a limited number of visitors, in compliance with the instructions and safety measures of the Ministry of Health.