Program Black Box

18.7 | 19:30 | 65΄

Kalamata Castle Amphitheatre

Maria Fonseca


Find out here about the guidelines regarding spectators’ attendance at the performances of the 27th International Dance Festival of Kalamata, in the context of the protection measures against Covid-19.


About the performance

I now wonder how it is possible for someone to see clearly, if he does not see himself. There is no change from shadow to light, nor from inertia to movement, without emotion … emotion is an alchemical fire … [a] privileged source of consciousness. 

Carl Jung


DEN.TRO is an internal journey to the body temple. The search for self. Light, shadow, conscious and unconscious. The encounter and disencounter in the space and time of creation. Are we slaves to genetics or free to change?

Maria Fonseca proposes the body as a living sculpture, a vein of communication, a storehouse of memories and emotions shaped by the experiences of life. In doing so she dives into the thinking of two great philosophers, Carl Jung and Alan Watts, in search of one or more states of presence and perspective. DEN.TRO is an investigation of the internal states in an amalgamation of physicality and imagination, exploring issues about the future of our body, as our home, and the future of our planet. 

“It is not a solo work about me but about the world and the Other, which is me. I like to feel like a blank canvas, able to incorporate a freedom of expression and join other artists who seek to go beyond their limits.”

  • Choreography & interpretation: Maria Fonseca
  • Rehearsal assistant: Sandra Rosado & Ekin Bernay
  • Original music: Luis Fernandes (with a mix of J.S. Bach’s sonata for solo violin by Kristof Barati and Alan Watts Talks)
  • Lighting: Jorge Rosado (adapted to the Kalamata Castle Amphitheatre)
  • Costume: Maria Jose, with Maria Fonseca
  • Technical Director: Pedro Bilou      
  • Supported by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Residencies: O Espaço do Tempo, DeVIR CApa, Pólo Cultural das Gaivotas, Companhia Olga Roriz

Maria Fonseca is a Portuguese dance artist. She studied Fine Arts at the University of the Arts London and graduated at London Studio Centre with BA (Hons) in Theatre Dance, where she developed a thesis on spirituality and dance. Based in London, she worked with a variety of artists internationally, such as Russell Maliphant for the documentary Nureyev (2018), Pascal Merighi and Sebastien Ramirez (Sadler’s Wells), Aoi Nakamura and Esteban Fourmi, John Ross – Matthew Bourne Choreographer Awards, Protein Dance, Jean Abreu Dance, Jack Murphy, Ivan Blackstock (Adidas), BBC2 – Lucie Pankhurst, Ekin Bernay, Block Universe, Ollie Palmer (V&A Museum), Jasper van Luijk, Company Idem (Switzerland), Jann Gallois – Cie Burnout (France) and Miguel Moreira – Utero (Portugal). Her work includes Muladhara for Design for Dance, a collaboration with Central Saint Martins (2010), Red Tears a duet with Ekin Bernay (2014), IDADE and The Beauty Of Ageing (2016), both presented at The Place, TRIMURTI, a gallery painting and performance work (CAAA-Portugal). DEN.TRO is her most recent creation (2020).