Program Dance in the city

17.7 | 21:00

Kalamata Central Square

Maria Fonseca


Find out here about the guidelines regarding spectators’ attendance at the performances of the 27th International Dance Festival of Kalamata, in the context of the protection measures against Covid-19.


About the performance

In a time without time, time has come without an end in sight.

Masks fall off, nature swallows them starving for truth. 

We are faced with the unknown.


  • Creation & interpretation: Maria Fonseca
  • Music: Angelica Salvi
  • Props: Dany Ye77a & Maria Fonseca
  • Lightning: Jorge Rosado
  • Technical Director: Pedro Bilou
  • Costume: Maria Fonseca
  • Co-produced by Teatro das Figuras e Cine-Teatro Louletano


Maria Fonseca is a Portuguese dance artist and a graduate of the London Studio Centre and the University of the Arts London. She has worked internationally with various artists, such as Russell Maliphant, Aoi Nakamura Esteban Fourmi, Protein Dance, Jean Abreu, Ekin Bernay, Ollie Palmer, Company Idem, Cie Burnout, and Útero.