Program Dance in the city

17.07 | 21:00

Kalamata Main Square



About the performance

Laloba: Literally translates to she-wolf. However, when capitalised, La Loba also refers to a woman of the same name who is prevalent in the mythology of the Pueblo people. She is known for collecting all that is in danger of becoming extinct.

Laloba exists in a dance of yours, when you hum a song and when you dream.

Laloba is there when you create the world, when you feel inspired, when you fall in love and when you admire something.


Admission to all Kalamata Main Square performances and side events is free for all.

  • Choreography / Performance / Music / Costumes: Lamprini Gkolia

Lamprini Gkolia is a performer, dance educator and choreographer. She graduated from the Greek National School of Dance with honours. Her artistic work combines elements from the visual arts, theatre, and music, which she is currently studying at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory. As a performer, she has collaborated with several dance companies worldwide. She created the “Body Instrument” practice which she teaches at dance studios, professional dance schools, drama schools and dance companies. As a choreographer, she has created the performances Camouflage, Medusa’s Complex, A Minute of Silence, ORLANDO, The Audience and Cells, which have been presented in worldwide dance festivals such as Deltebre Dansa, Kalamata Dance Festival, Istanbul Fringe Festival, Dance Days Chania, et al.