Program Dance in the city

25.7 | 21:00

Kalamata Central Square



About the performance

Are you asking me who I am? … Nobody. I’m nobody. An attempt to be we could say. A mental blackout from someone, or perhaps a message for you wrapped in a body. Something trying to say something … A drunkard of humanity! A mute singer, an unsolved loner, a palpable shadow, dancing ashes, your reflection! That I am, a simple reflection of you.


  • Performer: Arias Fernandez (AriasJoker)


Arias Fernandez a.k.a. Joker a.k.a. Killa Grichka is a dancer, acrobat, choreographer, and artistic director from Madrid (Spain). As a child, he trained in acrobatic gymnastics, practiced parkour, and was involved with various art forms, especially music, before he developed an interest for the Krump dance style. He trained as an instructor and choreographer in several urban styles at a national and international level, and also trained in contemporary dance and martial arts. As a teacher and performer, he has worked at and won prizes in various competitions worldwide (Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, China, USA, Germany, Russia, Belgium, and France, among others). Fernandez has performed with the Cirque du Soleil, DNA, L’Anima, D-Block, and Cia.Nadine Gerspacher. His own work as choreographer and dancer includes Aina & Arias, Bioshock, Efil, The Jokerz Company, and Re. His project Om Rasa is a training method based on a variety of disciplines. Fernandez is currently a member of two of the most impactful Krump crews, Madrootz (international) and Titans (Spain, Leaders of Krump Spain Movement). He also organizes one the biggest freestyle events in Spain (Be Your Beast).