Program Black Box

23.7 | 19:30 | 60΄

Kalamata Dance Megaron



Find out here about the guidelines regarding spectators’ attendance at the performances of the 27th International Dance Festival of Kalamata, in the context of the protection measures against Covid-19.


About the performance

Through the Grapevine is a quirky pas de deux between two men. Performers Alexander Vantournhout and Axel Guérin show their bodies, stripped of all frills. They are trained but certainly not perfect. They do not try to convince with virtuoso moves. Gradually, their athletic bodies collide with physical limitations and their movements guide them in the discovery of the strengths and weaknesses of their own specific physique. The choreography creates an interplay between these differences in proportions and physical strength. With great effort and concentration, the performers search for balance, equilibrium, and harmony without shying away from humour. They challenge one another and drive each other forward, alternately leading the dance. Through constant physical contact, the synergy between touching and being touched unfolds as the base melody of the performance.

Through the Grapevine, Vantournhout’s first true duet, builds upon certain themes explored in Aneckxander (2015). The body is reintroduced in a highly pure form, and the performance delves into the creative, kinetic potential of physical limitations, a theme that is reflected throughout his oeuvre. Following the performance of Screws (2019), Vantournhout dives back into theatre with Guérin, one of the performers in Red Haired Men (2018).

  • Concept & choreography: Alexander Vantournhout
  • Created & performed by: Axel Guérin & Alexander Vantournhout
  • Choreographic assistant: Emmi Väisänen 
  • Composer: Andrea Belfi
  • Dramaturgy: Rudi Laermans
  • Lighting design: Caroline Mathieu
  • Lighting proposal: Harry Cole
  • Technics: Rinus Samyn
  • Costumes: Anne-Catherine Kunz
  • Concept scenography: Bjorn Verlinde
  • Outside eye: Anneleen Keppens & Maria Ferreira Silva 
  • Thanks to: Sébastien Hendrickx, Vera Tussing, Esse Vanderbruggen
  • Distribution: Frans Brood Productions
  • Company manager: Esther Maas
  • Production manager: Aïda Gabriëls
  • Photos: Bart Grietens
  • Production: not standing
  • Co-production: Arts Centre Vooruit, Ghent (BE), PERPLX, Marke (BE), CENTQUATRE, Paris (FR), Cirque-théâtre Elbeuf (FR), Subsistances, Lyon (FR), Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg, Luxembourg (LU), MA scène nationale – Pays de Montbéliard (FR), Les Hivernales CDCN, Avignon (FR), Malpertuis, Tielt (BE), Theater Freiburg (DE), Théâtre des Quatre Saisons, Gradignan (FR), Théâtre de l’Arsenal, Val-de-Reuil (FR)
  • Residency: les ballets C de la B, Ghent (BE), Arts Centre Vooruit, Ghent (BE), STUK, Leuven (BE), Subsistances, Lyon (FR), Wood Cube, Roeselare (BE), Workspacebrussels, Brussels (BE)
  • With the support of the Flemish authorities

Alexander Vantournhout studied contemporary dance at PARTS (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios, Brussels) and single wheel at ESAC (École supérieure des Arts du Cirque, Brussels), which allowed him to focus on both artistic reflection and physical excellence, and serve as a link between circus and dance. Previous works include include Caprices (2014), a choreographic solo, dedicated to the music of Salvatore Sciarrino; Aneckxander (2015, co-created with Bauke Lievens, awarded at Circus Next 2014 and Theater Aan Zee 2015, selected for Theaterfestival 2016 and Aerowaves Network Twenty16), Raphael (2017), La Rose En Céramique (2018), Red Haired Men (2018), and Screws (2019). Vantournhout teaches regularly at Danscentrum Jette, ESAC, and ACAPA (Academy for Circus and Performance Art, Tilburg, NL), and was a guest lecturer at DOCH Stockholm (SE), Codarts (NE), Verigo (IT), Plesni Center, Marbior (SL), and PARTS. He is artist-in-residence in Arts Centre Vooruit in Ghent, associated artist of CENTQUATRE Paris and Cirque-théâtre Elbeuf, and cultural ambassador of the city of Roeselare. Vantournhout is supported by Fondation BNP Paribas for the development of his projects.