Program Dance in the city

17.7 | 21:00

Kalamata Main Square



About the performance

Nerti (=immerse)

When I sit, I lose my spontaneity
Time becomes perceptible through decay
And my pursuit changes over time

Reality is hidden, hard to understand
Reality lies at the root of every illusion

The performance explores an attempt to construct a route, a thought process.
Is setting a goal necessary in order to focus or does it confuse us even more in the end?
Is the plethora of options available to us a relief or do our choices bind and immerse us? Do we cultivate resistance as a means of freeing ourselves from it?


  • Concept / Choreography: Xenia Stathouli 
  • Music: Panos Gkinis
  • Cinematography / Editing: Klaus Shehaj

Xenia Stathouli was born in 1994 in Athens, Greece. Highly trained in contemporary dance, modern dance (ISTD), hip-hop, floor acrobatics and brazilian capoeira, she has been building her repertoire as a professional dancer over the past few years. Since 2016, she has been training as an acrobatic dancer with dance and acrobatics group “Ki omOs kineitai”, studying under Camilo Bentancor, Christina Sougioultzi, and Giorgos Amentas. She has also participated in numerous dance and acrobatics workshops hosted by Polychronis Tomporis (handstands), Tomislav English (ferus animi // terra nova), Florian Hoffemeier (physical capoeira) and others. As a performer, she has worked with various choreographers, including, among others, Antonia Economou (Dear absence, goodbye, Composition for six bodies, Pieta), the “Ki omOs kinetai” dance company (9.25 for the Athens-Epidaurus Festival), and Giannis Karounis (Femme).