Program Black Box

20.7 | 19:30 | 20’

Kalamata Dance Megaron / Black Box



About the performance

“I do not make paintings; it is as if I live within them.”

Jannis Kounellis

A Solo Performance. A Woman. A workshop as a visual landscape.

A project that deals with the creative process, in which the performer serves as both creator and final product, thus creating a painting that moves in perpetuity.

In this process where the body molds while being molded, agony, empathy and devotion alternate and co-exist somewhere between order and chaos.

And so “one more painting” is born.

One more effort.

One more story.

  • Choreographer/performer: Maria Doulgeri
  • Music: Christos “Mastrokristo” Parapagidis
  • Set design: Maria Doulgeri
  • Costume design: Melissanthi Spei, Maria Doulgeri
  • Dramaturgical advice: Rodia Vomvolou
  • Acting Coach: Geoffrey Colman
  • Lighting Design: Dimitra Aloutzanidou

Maria Doulgeri was born and raised in Chalkidiki. She trained at the Greek National School of Dance, graduating with honors.

She continued her journey in England, where she collaborated with choreographer Jasmin Vardimon on the productions Yesterday, Park, Maze and Pinocchio, where she portrayed the titular character. She has joined companies such as Jukstapoz as an assistant choreographer while also developing her own work in Greece, England and Cyprus.

She teaches classes as well as the workshop A Performer’s Craft at universities, dance academies and festivals across Europe.