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About the workshop

Dance workshop for parents and children (ages 5-12)

The workshop focuses on the question of what kind of games children and parents can play to allow creativity, communication, care and fun within their ever-changing physical relationship. Based on the theory and practice of Fighting Monkey, parents and children will have the opportunity to learn games that they may use in their daily lives.

For parents, the workshop will also be useful to learn the skills and observational methods to keep a closer relationship with their children’s physical development and changes. Parents and children will learn how to understand information from movement, and how to give the necessary feedback for the creative development of presence and communication through the body. The workshop is open to all regardless of dance experience and aims to create a non-judgmental shared space for parents and children alike.




The workshop is organized as part of the Kalamata Dance Festival’s collaboration with the Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation, which aims to promote Messenia’s cultural heritage and contemporary cultural creation to international visitors. 


Vitoria Kotsalou is a psychologist, and a self trained dancer, performer and choreographer based in Athens. Her eclectic training, not bound by one tradition, and constant research from many different disciplines carve out new fields of engagement for dance immediation. As a choreographer and artist, she operates dance as a way of being, a means of thinking and assimilating the world, and as a field of connection to the intelligence that governs the nature of things.

Vitoria is one of the founding members of the non-profit organization R.I.C.E. and the RSOD Dance School on the island of Hydra. She is a close collaborator of choreographer Michael Klien and a member of En Dynamei Ensemble since 2014. As a choreographer she has composed the works Day out of Time (2017), Mount (2019), Rite of Spring – A Map (2021), Solar (With En Dynamei Ensemble-2023), Bare (2023). As a dancer she has made important collaborations with Androniki Marathaki, Mariella Nestora and Agni Papadeli Rossetou. She teaches dance to children, adults and mixed ability groups, and also choreographs theatre performances.

Vitoria approaches dance as a phenomenon of life that has the potential to touch all socio- political aspects of society. Her passion, belief and experience in the possibility of dance a force, which enables different ways of being, communicating and forming relationships, expands to thinking through movement and coming into contact with an intelligence that exists in (and connects) all living organisms. Drawing inspiration from the study of different artistic practices, philosophical approaches and collaborations, her thinking extends to social choreography through which she simultaneously observes the world and designs works that convey the possibility of changing or expanding the way it is perceived.