KDF children

Kalamata Dance Megaron / Μain Stage

Workshop: 8-12.7

Performance: 12.7 | 19:00

Vitoria Kotsalou

THE FOREST: moving matter, rolling form and tales from above

About the workshop

Moving from material to matter and to the immaterial.

How do we allow ourselves to be moved by the elements around us? And how could that create stories, music, motion? What is the matter that matters? 

Children of all ages are invited to dance through a wide variety of natural and recycled materials, to be moved by them and to create a wild forest. The workshop offers a terrain of natural and recycled materials, lights, microphones, brushes and paints. Children and teens will become the creators of a staged piece, by trying out all aspects of the composition: the dancing, the lighting, the sound as well as the imprinting of the movement through drawing. Through this process the participants will investigate the relationship between matter and form and how one system of relations affects another. By creating and experiencing a wider ecology, which promotes and requires co-operation and co-ordination, they will be introduced to an expanded understanding of movement and thus of dance.




About Vitoria Kotsalou

Vitoria Kotsalou is an Athens-based psychologist and self-trained dancer, performer, and choreographer. Her eclectic training, not bound by any one tradition, and her constant research in a variety of disciplines and philosophies open new avenues for the role of dance. As a choreographer and artist, she is interested in creating, contextualizing, and forming new frameworks for a wider audience to engage in and experience dance. Vitoria is a founding member of the non-profit organisation RICE and the Ricean School of Dance on the island of Hydra. Since 2006, she has been an active member of the Greek performing arts scene and has presented her work at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival and elsewhere. She also choreographs for theatrical performances and has been working with children, adults, and mixed ability groups in dance. Kotsalou approaches dance as a phenomenon of life, which has the potential to touch all socio-political aspects of society. Her passion, belief, and experience in the role of dance in understanding and forming relationships (human and non human) extends to her thinking through movement and her coming into contact with a different kind of intelligence that exists in all living organisms.