KDFchildren & teenagers

Kalamata Dance Megaron | Main Stage

Workshop: 06.07-11.07

Performance: 11.07 | 19:00

Vitoria Kotsalou

Running Water

About the workshop

Intensive dance workshop for children and young people (ages 7-16)

“Eventually all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” 


Children and teenagers are invited to participate at Kalamata Dance Festival’s workshop and final performance Running Water.

The notion and cycle of water, from sea, to cloud, to rain, to river, to pipe, into the body, between us and within us, in combination with the action and notion of running, will be the research elements for the development of movement patterns that will compose the final performance.

Throughout the workshop we will learn how to handle our physicality in the intensely demanding condition of running.

How will we interact with the sense of water, of flow, and continual softness within the terrain of a constant running process? How do bodies, patterns and relationships change in order to feed a flow like that of running water? What kind of dance comes out of this situation?

Small, large and huge pipes and other structural elements filled with water will be used as materials creating an algorithm for the structure of the performance. Children will learn to use the pipes to create rhythm and relationships, structure and transformation.



About Vitoria Kotsalou

Vitoria Kotsalou has studied psychology at the University of Reading in the UK and is a self-taught dancer and choreographer. She is a founding member of the non-profit initiative R.I.C.E. and the RSOD School of Dance on the island of Hydra. She is a close collaborator of the choreographer Michael Klien and an active member of the En Dynamei Ensemble since 2014. As a choreographer, she has composed the works Day οut of Time, Mount, and Rite of Spring – A Map. As a dancer, she has collaborated on significant projects with Androniki Marathaki, Mariela Nestora, and Agni Papadeli Rossetou. She teaches dance to children, adults, and mixed ability groups, and also works as a choreographer for theatre performances. She explores dance as a form of intelligence, a mode of existence that characterises all living beings and reaches the true nature of things. Inspired by the study of different practices, philosophies, and collaborations, her thinking extends to social choreography, through which she observes the world and at the same time devises works that convey the possibility of change or of expanding the way in which the world is perceived and understood.