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Penelope Morout


About the workshop

Penelope Morout holds a workshop to introduce adult participants to the basic principles of Fighting Monkey Practice and, most importantly, the process of intelligent practice and healthy aging. The Fighting Monkey Practice is an applied practice for human development through movement developed by Jozef Fruček and Linda Kapetanea. It explores:

  • The aging process and ways to maintain the health of our joints and myoskeletal system as a whole so as not to lose mobility in the long run.
  • The development of body elasticity and brain plasticity through specially designed movement games, whose objective is to keep our nervous system in its prime.
  • The development of better coordination and rhythm in our body and its major impact on all levels of human life.
  • The development of better communication with ourselves and others, so as to acquire better learning strategies and develop the ability to create narratives that inspire us and strengthen our vigor.

During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to play irregular games that improve memory and coordination, awaken the joints, and revitalize the nervous system.




About Penelope Morout

A graduate of the National School of Dance (Athens) and the National Technical University of Athens – School of Architecture (Athens), with a Master’s degree in Theatre Practices from ArtEZ University of the Arts (The Netherlands), Penelope Morout is an interdisciplinary dance artist interested in creating hybrid projects through the fusion of various mediums. As a dancer and performer, she has collaborated professionally with JUKSTA Company, director Kostas Filippoglou (Athens and Epidaurus Festival), the So7 Company and, since 2018, she has been working with theatre companies as a director/choreographer/ scenographer. Within the years, she has evolved the “Sculpting Body-Images” workshop, a dance improvisation technique which she shares around the world (MUDA Arts Centre/Belgium, Murate Art District/ Italy, KDF/Greece, Munus Encuentro/Mexico). As a filmmaker, she has collaborated with the TANZAHOi International Screendance Festival Hamburg, has exhibited her work in the International Exhibitions HUMAN RIGHTS? | THE FUTURE’S SHAPE #WomenCanSaveTheWorld and REA!Art Fair (IT) and has participated in international exhibitions and video dance & dance animation festivals around the world (Italy, Brazil, France, Greece, Indonesia, Germany). For her previous work H.I.I.T. | High-Intensity Identity Training, Penelope used herself as a case-study experiment practicing intermittent fasting and high-intensity interval training for a year, and her latest show THE BOX || that dead space between us has received funding from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports for 2021-2022. She continues her artistic evolution by participating systematically in workshops around Europe, including a series of Fighting Monkey | RootlessRoot workshops.