KDF family

13.07 | 12:00

House of Events / Cosmos 1, Navarino Dunes, Costa Navarino



About the workshop

Dance and theatre workshop for parents and children

The objective of the workshop is to create a safe space in which children, together with their parents, will allow themselves to unfold their creativity. Using the format of a game, we will experiment with conditions of guided and free dialogue, as well as theatre games inspired by our piece Napi, the Girl and the Bubble. Our purpose is to celebrate our ability to move, while also becoming more curious about our bodies and their abilities.




The workshop Spirit of the Forest is presented as part of the Kalamata Dance Festival’s collaboration with the Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation, which aims to promote Messenia’s cultural heritage and contemporary cultural creation to international visitors. 


Danae and Dionysios are two artists from Greece. They have been working together since 2015. As lifelong apprentices of nature, its animals and indigenous civilisations, they create stories from the point of view of those who remain untamed. The canvas of their stories originates in true facts and myths surrounding tribes and wild animals that did not survive to the present day or weren’t able to adjust to new developments. Ιn their creations they propose harmonious relationships between nature and living beings, thus upending the stereotypical hierarchy, while the dreamlike ambience of their work creates a conflict between chaos and order. Striving for a balance between the accessible and the groundbreaking, they support the idea that art is a universal means of communication, creating a language that is sensitive and dynamic at once.