KDFMCA Kids’ Art Contest 2023

Kids’ Contest at the Museum of Cycladic Art 

“The Human Being at the Center”  

10th Kids’ Art Contest at the Museum of Cycladic Art

The contest under the theme “The Human Being at the Center”, launched on January 23, 2023 with a deadline for submissions on May 30, 2023, invites young friends aged 4-15 to capture the role of Humans through their journey across cultures, different eras, space and time.

In this year’s International Kids’ Art Contest, we will create art inspired by the transformations of Humans through the history of cultures, the works and the environment that they create.

Which era do they live in and what kind of clothes do they wear?

What country are they from?

What kind of social message are they passing on?

Can we imagine what their future may look like?

What kind of environment will they live in and what will be their profession?

For the fourth year in a row, the Kalamata Dance Festival joins forces with the Museum of Cycladic Art within the framework of the 10th children’s art contest. Children from Kalamata who will take part in the contest, will get to see their works featured in an exhibition hosted at the Kalamata Dance Megaron in July as part of the 29th Kalamata International Dance Festival!

More information regarding the contest and the participation process:

For additional information, please contact: kidscontest@cycladic.gr