KDFArtistic note

Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the 28th Kalamata Dance Festival.

As a result of our previous work on the human body and human movement, but also as a continuation of themes explored in past iterations of the Festival since 2018 and up to and including the past two years of the pandemic, we decided during this year’s organisation to focus on highlighting the great and philosophically, morally, socially and artistically inexhaustible subject of Beauty.

This year’s programme is entitled Ode to Beauty and it invites us to realise that Beauty is our only means of resisting everything that we encounter as its polar opposite on a daily basis: All forms of violence, all the actions and declarations that lead to pain and frustration, as well as to the dissolution of our connection with the world around us.

Sometimes beauty is revealed in time as a completed work, while other times it appears as a snapshot where it is least expected. Whether it is elusive or readily apparent, variable or eternal, objective or relative, our goal is to not only have the resources to recognise it but also the tools we need to create, experience and share it.

We dancers try to serve beauty through the stories we tell in the context of our art. Our inspiration is movement itself, life itself. From the smallest organism to the largest mountain range, from the simplest children’s game to the movement of galaxies, everything that moves is an essential part of life.

Our admiration for life, however, does not suffice. Our mission is to discover our own relationship with it through our work. Beauty is only possible through goodness, solidarity and love. Their essence is not theoretical; it emanates from the bodies, their gestures, their words, their actions, and the relationships forged between them.

This is what we exalt: The embodiment of beauty.

Linda Kapetanea
Artistic Director
Kalamata Dance Festival