KDFArtistic note

Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the 27th Kalamata Dance Festival. 

Here we are again, at the Festival, after a difficult winter. Filled with optimism, as small and large stages worldwide are slowly opening again to the public, we meet with a single concern: to keep our contact with the art of dance alive.

The title of this year’s programme On The Move. Constantly On The Move. Together; Or Alone? was born from our need to discuss the importance of community and role of each and every individual in it. We believe that from now on humanity will have to face increasing challenges in terms of its collective consciousness, intelligence, and actions.

The artists that participate in this year’s Festival speak through the power of dance, with works that invite us to feel all of the notions resulting from the relationship between community and individual—notions such as trust, solidarity, and acceptance, conflict, negotiation, autonomy, individual identity, and freedom. 

Above all, however, the artists and their works highlight the art of dance as a universal language and meeting place for our common concerns about the current human condition.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here once again so that we can co-create this common space of mystery for each performance, where we can experience other versions of the present and imagine more versions of the future.

Linda Kapetanea
Artistic Director
Kalamata Dance Festival