KDFArtistic note

In light of our ongoing search for the role of art in contemporary society, we find ourselves reflecting on how we live and what we will leave behind for future generations. We are compelled to return to the basics.

We decided to name this year’s programme (Re)Τurn to the Body.

We want to discuss what it means to be alive and mortal. Our focus is not on the body as a biological entity or as a cipher for abstract concepts, but rather as a representation of life itself, along with the awe, mystery, and respect that it inspires. 

The works of the artists invited to this year’s Festival encourage us to view the human body as knowledge gained through first-hand experience, as a poetic place of individual and collective experience and as a manifestation of life itself.

We welcome you to the 29th Kalamata Dance Festival, where you can enjoy a wide array of performances that cater to all age groups and special audiences. The festival invigorates the city’s public spaces and features world-renowned artists from around the globe, ranging from China to Canada, celebrating the human body as the very essence of life.

Linda Kapetanea
Artistic Director
Kalamata Dance Festival