KDFArtistic note

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Kalamata Dance Festival, a cornerstone in Greece’s cultural life.

I can’t envision contemporary dance in Greece without the Kalamata Dance Festival; it is intertwined with its very history.

Founded to inspire audiences and address issues of collective and personal life through the art of dance, the festival also aims to nurture the next generation of artists. Only by cultivating new generations of dancers and audiences can the Festival have a future. Supporting institutions, education, culture, and art is crucial for the future of Greek society. Yet, art is inconceivable without artists.

That is why the 30th Kalamata Dance Festival is dedicated to the artists of movement, to those courageous individuals who have chosen the challenging path of dance, preserving one of the oldest forms of expression against time and decay.

Furthermore, the 30th Kalamata Dance Festival is dedicated to all the children, teens, and young people who may be encountering dance for the first time, those who already dance, or who dream of stepping onto the stage one day. The future is theirs.

Linda Kapetanea
Artistic Director
Kalamata Dance Festival