5th Day Program // 25.8.20

26th Kalamata International Dance Festival

Program of the Day // 25.8.20




25.8.2020 | 22:00 | 55'
Venue to be announced

Ioanna Portolou and Griffón Dance Co.’s dives into Greek history with ΚΑΟS, an explosive performance about our complex cultural roots and how they survive in the present. Toying with the aesthetics of retro “Made in Greece” tourist souvenirs, KAOS speaks of how cultural baggage can be burdensome. Vivid, often surrealist images and symbols of our past, history, mythology, tradition, and multiple cultural influences come alive on stage and outline an identity that we do not control. In this contemporary Greek Babel wander Adam and Eve, the remnants of gods and heroes, under the sounds of ingeniously harmonised diverse musical genres ranging from electronica to traditional music. KAOS draws from memory in order to construct an individual present, before turning to collective identity and responsibility. Its purpose is not to comment on fragments of Greek history but on the weight that it may represent for each one of us. How does this past affect us? Who are we today? Can we escape from what happened before us?


Choreography: Ioanna Portolou
Music: Anthony Palaskas
Performers: Cecile Mikroutsikou, Theano Xydia, Yiannis Nikolaidis, Ilias Chatzigeorgiou
Costume & set design: Ioanna Tsami
Lighting design: Tasos Palaioroutas
Assistant Choreographer: Rania Kapetanaki
Production Manager: Manolis Sardis/PRO4
Production Manager Assistant: Christina Polychroniadou
Co-production: Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2019, Griffón Dance Co
Thanks to Haris Politopoulos


Founded in 2000 by Ioanna Portolou, Griffόn Dance Company has performed in Greece (Onassis Stegi, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Megaron Athens Concert Hall, Karolos Koun Greek Art Theatre, Kalamata International Dance Festival, Dimitria Festival) and abroad (United Kingdom, Germany, Serbia, Egypt, Northern Macedonia etc.). In 2000-4, the company collaborated with Amore Theatre, where it presented five performances. In 2012, it was commissioned to choreograph and present Beethoven’s Creatures of Prometheus ballet in cooperation with the Camerata – The Friends of Music Orchestra at the Onassis Stegi. Other commissions include the performances Lapland (2004) and Apple Tree (2006), both presented at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall. The company’s last three performances—Risk (Onassis Stegi, 2018), Elizabeth (Megaron Athens Concert Hall, 2019), and KAOS (Ancient Epidaurus Little Theatre, 2019)—mark the beginning of a new artistic era for the company. The company is now working on their new production GRIMM, which is scheduled to premiere in 2020. Maria Fountouli will replace Ioanna Apostolou, co-creator and dancer of Kaos, for this performance.



25.8.2020 | 21:00
Kalamata Main Square


Edivaldo Ernesto’s Error reflects on the unpredictability of changing circumstances and our need for different kinds of people. We may need individualistic, aggressive people at one point or cooperative, team-working people at another, people interested in dexterously manipulating the external world or introspective people. Is there a wrong person for us or bad timing? We can never really know, but the more variety and skills we have the better.


Edivaldo Ernesto is a dancer, choreographer, improvisation expert, and teacher. Born in Mozambique, currently living in Germany, he is deeply influenced by his Mozambican background and by West African traditional dance. He has performed with David Zambrano and has assisted him in teaching his Flying Low and Passing Through techniques. In 2018, he collaborated with Linda Kapetanea and RootlessRoot in the duet Half-The-Truth. Ernesto is the creator and developer of the Depth Movement and Next Level workshops. He has taught and performed across Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. He is a former member of the Sasha Waltz & Guests company.


25.8.2020  | 21:00
Kalamata Main Square


The solo Body Monologue brings back to the stage the unanswered and self-evident question: “what can a body do?”. An inventive question that expresses not only the body’s dynamics but also the narrative function of the language of dance.


Concept & choreography: Anastasia Valsamaki
Co-Creation & Performance: Gavriela Antonopoulou
Music: Konstantinos Bakogiannis
Costume: Eleni Valsamaki
Co-production: Mindtheloop, 10o Arc for Dance Festival, FLUX Laboratory


Anastasia Valsamaki was born in Athens and graduated with honors from the Greek National School of Dance in 2015. In June 2016, she made her debut as a choreographer with Sync and was selected by the Aerowaves network as one of the 20 most promising emerging choreographers in Europe for 2017. In the same year, she attended the choreography postgraduate program (ICE) at the SEAD dance academy in Austria. She continues to be an active dancer and choreographer while also teaching dance.



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