3rd Day Program // 23.8.20

26th Kalamata International Dance Festival

Program of the Day // 23.8.20



23.8.2020 | 20:00 | 45'
Kalamata Castle Amphitheatre

With Solo, Israel Galván reinvents traditional flamenco. His aim is to take every possible freedom in order to bring dance back to its essence. Following in the steps of Vicente Escudero, he uses no musical accompaniment. He listens intently to his own body and creates a sound score with his feet, clapping hands, snapping fingers, and, occasionally, his voice. His brisk footwork, body inflexions, and sharp stillness are the image of control and purity. Stripped of clichés yet deeply rooted in and bound by a strong tradition, his style is audacious and resolutely avant-garde.


Choreography & performance: Israel Galván
Sound: Pedro León
Technical direction: Pablo Pujol
Production: Marcos Avilés
Distribution: Mondigromax, cultivos de cultura



Israel Galván de los Reyes was born in Seville to flamenco dancers José Galván and Eugenia de Los Reyes. He grew up amidst tablaos, fiestas, and flamenco dance academies, and in 1994 joined the Compañía Andaluza de Danza, directed by Mario Maya. He has worked on projects of very different nature with artists as diverse as flamenco masters Enrique Morente and Manuel Soler, dancers Akram Khan and Sol Picó, and musicians Sylvie Courvoisier, Pat Metheny, Vicente Amigo, and Lagartija Nick, among many others. In 1998, he premiered as a choreographer with ¡Mira!/Los Zapatos Rojos and has since presented La Metamorfosis, Galvánicas, Arena, La Edad De Oro, Tábula Rasa, Solo, El final de este estado de cosas – Redux, Israel vs Los 3000, La Curva, Lo Real/Le Réel/The Real, Torobaka, Fla.co.men, La Fiesta, Amor Brujo, Coplas Mecánicas, and La consagración. He was presented with the National Dance Prize for Creation (Spain) in 2005, the Grand Prix de la Danse (France) in 2009, the Gold Medal of Fine Arts (Spain) in 2012, the New York Bessie Performance Award for Outstanding Production in 2012, and the National Award for Exceptional Artistry (United Kingdom) in 2015, among others. Galván is an associate artist of Théâtre de la Ville (Paris).


23.8.2020 | 22:00 | 60'
Ο χώρος θα ανακοινωθεί 

A ramshackle heron, trussed up in its feathers, perched on a peak. A snake eagle swirling in large, paced circles before it collapses. This is their wild side.
Nothing defines human beings better than their tendency to accomplish absurd acts in order to obtain results that are just as improbable. In a world where reason is a nice façade, the bursting in of non-sense brings us to confront our relationship with normalcy and allows us to open up to untrodden paths. Somewhere between burn out and brown out, two women, exposed to each other, like a palindrome in a distorting mirror, lose their direction and reignite their innate wild animal.
In this unexpected duo, theatre director Petra Tejnorová shares the stage with leading creative dancer Tereza Ondrová. Their joint interest in exploring the boundaries of subtle humour, irony, and absurdity, while respecting the intricacies of human relationships, is underlined by the directorial-choreographic leadership of choreographer Karine Ponties, who present her work in Greece for the first time. Inspired by Buster Keaton, they move us with their depth and sincerity, despite the lightness of the form.


Concept & choreography: Karine Ponties
Performers: Tereza Ondrová, Petra Tejnorová
Light designer & artistic advisor: Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin
Technical director: Katarina Duricová
Light technician: Zuzana Režná
Production: Temporary Collective & Dame de Pic/Cie Karine Ponties
Co-production: Tanec Praha & Le 140
With the support of: Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Prague City Hall, ALT@RT, Truc Sphérique/Stanica Žilina, Culture Ministry of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles



Artistic director of Dame de Pic, choreographer and performer Karine Ponties has created more than 40 dance pieces. Her work is characterised by a flair for the absurd, exploring intimacy and interlacing relationships. Tereza Ondrová is a founder of the dance ensemble VerTeDance, for which she has created, together with Veronika Kotlíková, more than sixteen projects. In 2010 and 2019, she received the Dancer of the Year award at the Czech Dance Platform. Petra Tejnorová is searching for a new role for theatre in today’s world and experimenting with physical and documentary theatre and theatrical conventions. She guest directs and creates her own theatrical projects.




23.8.2020 | 21:00 | 30'
Kalamata Main Square


Kirn Compagnie perform in Greece for the first time with Tricot. Twins Théo and Lucas Enriquez bring us into their intimacy with humor and joy. In a closed space, in which the environment plays tricks, they are forced to find solutions to achieve harmony, using surprising acrobatics, where the bodies interfere, intermingle. Tricot is a study on bodily movement, of two bodies that fit together perfectly. Two brothers who know each other by heart, who have fun, dance together, live together, share the scene with love even when tension is felt, bringing to the scene a movement quality and rhythm that are second to none.


Performers: Théo Enriquez & Lucas Enriquez
Music: Paul Julian Quillier
Production: Les Thérèses
Co-production: Festival Circada
Advisor: Reynaldo Ramperssad


Twins Théo and Lucas Enriquez have been practicing circus arts together since they were eight years old. They attended the Balthazar preparatory school for circus arts in Montpellier (France) and the École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels. They now perform as an acrobatic duet.



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