1st Day Program // 19.7.19

25th Kalamata Dance Festival

Program of the Day // 19.7.19



19 & 20.07.2019
Kalamata Dance Megaron - Studio | 19:30 | 40΄

Joy Alpuerto Ritter performs in Greece for the first time with Babae, a solo work inspired by Mary Wigman’s Witch Dance. Babae, which means ‘woman’ in Tagalog (Philippine language), premiered at the Witch Dance Project at the Sophiensaele, Berlin in 2016. 
Alpuerto Ritter examines inherited vocabularies, reconfiguring what it means to summon the power and mystical practices of a woman as a witch. She develops Mary Wigman’s movement material into her own witch character, by combining her roots in Philippine folk dance, her classical/contemporary training, and the vocabulary of hip hop and voguing.

During her performance, Alpuerto Ritter lets the audience witness an ancient and intimate ritual, a procedure apparently known only to her. She exposes herself to states of transformation and trance on the one hand, and radiates strength in her femininity on the other. Her journey is a celebration of life, spiritual awareness, and wisdom. In her witch character, Alpuerto Ritter embodies women’s historical sacrifices along with pure and absolute freedom.
Babae is a one-woman interplay between the animalistic and sensual qualities of ritual and power.


Choreography-Concept-Dance: Joy Alpuerto Ritter
Music Composer: Vincenzo Lamagna
Artistic Assistant: Lukas Steltner
Light designer: Arne Schmitt & Joy Alpuerto Ritter
Costume designer: Lan Behrendt DYAO
Special thanks to Christoph Winkler (Witchdance Project), Farooq Chaudry (Portrait in Otherness), Akram Khan, Elena Polzer (Ehrliche Arbeit), Lukas Steltner, Sophiensaele Berlin, Tanzfonds Erbe


Joy 1 s

Joy Alpuerto Ritter graduated from the Palucca Dance School of Dresden. Since 2004, she has worked as a freelance dancer with Akram Khan, Wangramirez, Christoph Winkler, Anja Kozik, Heike Hennig, Milan Gervais, Constanza Macras and the Cirque du Soleil. Her versatile background from classical training to Urban Dance techniques has allowed her to develop a unique movement esthetic. She has been creating her own choreographies since 2016.


19 & 20.07.2019
Kalamata Dance Megaron - Main Stage | 22:00 | 90΄

For the past twenty years, Kader Attou’s approach to dance has been honed through the grinding and blending of various aesthetics—hip hop, Indian kathak, and contemporary dance. Attou believes that the key to this process is to build bridges, create links and a dialogue beyond and through difference. His aim is to distinguish what transpires from the physical as opposed to the emotional, how feeling can be born through the virtuoso use of a specific technique, a mechanical gesture, a simple hint. This quest is the heart of The Roots.
The Roots is above all a human adventure, a journey enacted by eleven exceptional hip hop dancers. Chapter after chapter, the performance transforms, opening up new horizons and transporting the spectator elsewhere. The setting is ordinary: a table, a crackling vinyl record on a turntable, childhood memories. Music plays a crucial part, stirring and calling for the dancers to unite. The Roots delves into one’s history, with each dancer exploring their strengths, their own path. Shaped over the years, each dancer’s unique style becomes the starting point of a journey from one’s roots towards body memory. The Roots represents the rewards of this quest, drawing upon the munificence of dance to show the way to new directions.


Artistic director-choreographer: Kader Attou
Cast: Mickaël Arnaud, Sim’Hamed Benhalima, Babacar (Bouba) Cissé, Virgile Dagneaux,
 Erwan Godard, Kevin Mischel, Artem Orlov, Mehdi Ouachek, Nabil Ouelhadj, Maxime Vicente
Scenography: Olivier Borne
Original painting: Ludmila Volf
Music: Régis Baillet - Diaphane, along with additional music
Lights: Fabrice Crouzet
Costume designer: Nadia Genez
Production: CCN de La Rochelle / Cie Accrorap Direction Kader Attou
Co-production: La Coursive – Scène Nationale de La Rochelle / MA Scène Nationale – Pays de Montbéliard
With the support of Châteauvallon – Scène Nationale during creation residencies

The performance The Roots is presented at 25th Kalamata International Dance Festival with the support of the French Institute.

CMYK Ambass eps

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Accrorap was founded by Kader Attou, Eric Mezino, Chaouki Saïd, Mourad Merzouki, and Lionel Frédoc in 1989. From its outset as an artists’ collective to the creation of unique choreographic works, Accrorap has been characterized by a profound openness: openness to the world through journeys conceived as moments of sharing, to different artistic forms, to different trends. Accrorap’s work is the tale of an international collective adventure, where encounters and journeys enrich reflection.
Since 1989, Accrorap and Kader Attou have been creating a dance that is generous, a dance that breaks and crosses frontiers, enriched and fine-tuned through the influence of hip hop, the circus arts, contemporary dance, and the visual arts. Attou and Accrorap have performed around the world with works like Prière pour un fou (1999), Anokha (2000), Pourquoi pas (2002), Douar (2004), Les corps étrangers (2006), Petites histoires.com (2008), Trio (?) (2010), SymfoniaPiésniZałosnych (2010), The Roots (2013), Un break à Mozart (2014), OPUS 14 (2014), Un break à Mozart 1.1 (2016) and Allegria (2017).



A minute of lies: acting and dance workshop 


18 → 20.7.2019
Kalamata Municipal Stadium

Jozef Fruček and Manuel Ronda have been artistic collaborators since 2012.They have collaborated in the productions of Rootlessroot company When the dogs assailed their masters, Kireru and Europium, which is still on world tour. In their workshop they will focus on techniques of constructing and sculpting big lies for the stage. The core of the seminar has to do with the fundamental rule of performance which is that spectators must believe what they see is true. The class will deal a lot with emotions and intentions and how to craft them, how to make use of them, how to access them, how to maintain them and how to expose them. How to be always in control of our choices and how to be honest towards them, in order to be believable and not be caught telling lies. The power of stillness and listening will be greatly discussed along with neutrality as a starting point for recognizing and shaping the performer’s inner anthropomorphic monster. Further to that, the class will proceed with ways of finding that state of intentions that allows the performer to have immediate access to physical and mental mobility from stillness as well as the ability to disappear in order to appear under the form of multiple faces.


Jozef Fruček has a professional sports, martial arts and theatre background and he has dedicated his professional life in the research of movement which promotes personal development along with healthy ageing. Jozef studied in Bratislava at the Academy of Music and Drama Arts and later he got his PhD and Art.D on Voice and Movement. He has explored the aspects of effective communication, voice and breathing for public speaking, performing arts and phycho-hygiene. In 2006, together with Linda Kapetanea, they founded Rootlessroot company and started implementing their research, Fighting Monkey practice, which reflects their unique approach on human motion based on cross motion analysis. He teaches and gives lectures in universities and various athletic and arts centers across Europe, US, Asia and Australia.

Manuel Ronda, based in Brussels, studied industrial design in Genoa and contemporary dance theatre in Amsterdam. He has collaborated both as an actor and dancer with some of the most renowned theatre and dance creators such as Lindsay Kemp, André Gingras, Frédéric Flamand, UltimaVez/Wim Vandekeybus, Elena Fokina, Klaus Jurgens, Seppe Bayens, Tasya Krougovykh/Pussy Riot among others. He teaches contemporary dance and theatre workshops internationally.

Hybrid Movement Workshop 

19 → 22.7.2019
Kalamata Municipal Stadium

Joy Alpuerto Ritter, performer and choreographer, has been a long collaborator with creators like Akram Khan and Wang Ramirez and therefore greatly influenced in the way she approaches movement in its diversity and depth. Her diverse background in ballet, hip hop, voguing, philippine folk and contemporary dance have made her develop an interesting fusion of different ways of physical expression. Her workshop will focus on body isolation, waving, groove and floor work. Her workshop will also include training for being strongly grounded yet dynamic and sensitive while moving in space. Physical rhythm and musicality will also be practiced in combinations and exercises. The workshop will include improvisational tasks and the dancers will work on various movement concepts and body states as a challenge to engage creativity and to explore individual qualities of expression.


Joy Alpuerto has worked with Akram Khan Company and Honji Wang’s and Sébastien Ramirez‘s company (Wang Ramirez). In the past she was part of Cirque du Soleil. In 2016, she was nominated, at the UK National Dance Awards, for the outstanding female performance award in contemporary dance for the current touring piece “Until the Lions” of Akram Khan Company. Joy has also created her own choreographic work with the solo pieces “Babae” and “Alter Egos”.


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